Ride the musical edge with pianist, singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer Larry Edoff. Expect the unexpected as Larry turns the familiar, from Prince’s “Purple Rain” to the latest pop-craze, into a dynamic, wild ride of melodic magic. In addition, Grammy Award nominated Larry Edoff’s improvisational mastery turns favorite jazz standards into non-standards, leaving the bones of the originals intact while inviting the mind to swim amongst the subtle shades, textures, and surfaces created by Edoff; deepening the poignant expression and understanding of the original. Larry wows audiences with his stellar musicianship mixed with his rich, haunting vocals. The evening reminds audiences why live music is so healing, so electrifying, so essential. Edoff delivers in spades: the musician, the music, the magic.

Licks and Transcriptions

Arranged and transcribed by Larry and his spectacular team of musicians

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If you are interested in Larry producing your song(s) in his recording studio, playing piano for your project, orchestrating or arranging your songs, please contact Larry Edoff at 914-262-5474. If you would like to purchase sheet music from these piano arrangements, please send an email to: larryedoffmusic@gmail.com